100% organic Moringa Oleifera
ready to consume

Bote Moringa Nature

What is Moringa?

The tree of life

A real superfood

In Africa, Moringa is known as “mum’s best friend” because of its high nutritional value and the FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) highlights it for being rich in proteins; vitamins A, B and C; and minerals.

Source of health

According to the FAO, Moringa is used to treat spasms, ulcers, inflammations or circulatory problems. It has been used as a traditional remedy for more than 300 diseases. A large number of international organizations and medical investigations have verified its health benefits for over 50 years.

Easy to prepare

Powdered, leaf or capsules. Moringa has a pleasant flavour. It can be prepared in many ways: alone, in salads, infusions, soups, juices… It’s impossible to get bored.


100% natural Moringa

Organic Farming

We grow our own Moringa following the requirements for organic farming. The absence of chemical products and the respect for the whole crop cycle guarantee the purity and quality of Moringa Nature in all its presentation forms.

Grown in Almería

Located in the south of Spain, Almería is the European city with more sunshine hours a year.
This, and the fact that it has a long farming tradition which has allowed it to place its products into the most demanding markets in the world, make Almería an ideal place to its cultivation.

Lower environmental impact

Unlike other exporting countries, Moringa Nature grow directly in the European continent, minimizing the ecological footprint of its processing and distribution.


A package for
each requirement

Moringa Nature is available in three different formats: powdered, leaf or capsules; to satisfy all client’s needs. The packaging has been designed to preserve the qualities of the product and to encourage its recycling.

Moringa Nature Polvo

Powered Moringa Nature

150 grams can
Moringa Nature Hoja

Moringa Nature Leaves

50 grams can
Moringa Nature Capsulas

Moringa Nature Capsules

120/300 capsules can